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All have been started in sexuality and will finish when sexuality turns off

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TANTRIC Sex E-Course – Men do it Anal !

Ejaculation & Orgasm are 2 different actions that you could learn manage separately

Learn here how to reduce your ejaculation but increasing your orgasms!

  • What time of the day do you feel more horny?
  • What do you want more? a boyfriend for lifetime or more adventures with strangers?
  • How long do you need to wait for being ready to ejaculate for a second time in same session?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 how noisy are you when you are ejaculating?
  • Have you ever wondered why you are still suffering from the same relationship issues?

Sexuality is the place where life begins, unfortunately, some cultures decide to transform the idea of sexuality into something dirty, bad or horrible and turning it to something you need to hide under this school of thoughts, most human beings have become sick, this repression actually influencing things on the cellular level. Robbing you of the freedom and peace you deserve.

“Tantra and Kabbalah”  is a method that was born to free spirits that are chained with fear!

Tantra IS NOT sex! Tantra is a new more profound level of consciousness where you may find a deeper connection with your body and mind, it also teaches you how to achieve a higher level of climax.

Kabbalah is the spiritual aspect, in addition to that not likewise the spiritual style of Tantra, Kabbalah may help you to inspect the core reason of your blockages there by enabling the revelation of hidden truths and the answers to deepest questions in your life.  Through this process you learn to accept major parts of yourself, thus becoming able to love others and feel free!

Within 5 weeks you will see a different world

Working with Osher through the Tantra & Kabbalah method may be done online or in person.

The process is intense but can be efficiently accomplished within 5 weeks. Through Skype Session process / or personal course,  you  may engage your real potential, expel old doubts and fears, and of course increase your sexual libido.

Do you have good camera & microphone?
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Are you married but keep thinking on having sex with men?

Don’t be shy to keep exploring, you can be much smarter homosexual man that using his sexuality to his personal growth!


Are you investing in“sex chats” at least 2 hours a day? That’s 60 hours a month.

With those 60 hours you could have written a book, learned Salsa, or finished your degree… But you are not alone in this vicious cycle.

Confront yourself:
Even the fact you are out does not make you better person now, you must continue investigating sexuality beyond sex to become realized and complete!
Failure of sexual functionality has become a very common epidemic in the modern world, even worse in the biggest cities, such in NYC. More and more gay men are suffering from depression, anxiety, and a blurry life sense.

Welcome to the most dangerous epidemic, called LONELINESS!

Here you can learn more the parts of you never given the chance to grow!

What about trying “Anal Tantric Sex Knowledge”? By studying for 6 hours divided into 9 classes, you will start melting gran blockages that are separating you from love and pleasure as a homo/ bi-sexual man.

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Most men I work with share their desire to find someone special to settle down with. Paradoxically, they keep living as singles or continuously fall in love with negative personalities, usually because of amazing “nsa sex.”

Do you consider yourself personality monogamous person? Does living in multiple relationships excite you?  There are some facts you may be surprised to discover about yourself by working though the Tantra & Kabbalah method!


70% of my clients are married men between the ages of 40 and 56. They share stories about the poor sex life they have, the libido that is constantly reducing, and the years they have spent trying to change their homosexual nature in order to be loved and accepted.  Unfortunately, most of them also share health issues they need to cope with: cancer, depression, breaking out, heart attacks, etc. These difficulties finally pushed them to change what they had avoided doing before.

Sexuality = Nature!

Not being sexuality free is the same as going against nature. So… Who do you think will win here?


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