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Self Development
Skill 29%

Tantric Massage session is part of the Tantric- initiation  session (2 hours) which is dedicated to "First-Trial" meeting, to inspect, investigate and witnessing the current main blockages you are living with right now in both body and psychic. 

The Tantric Massage session with me is taking action after the first hour of our session, revealing the dynamic thought of your sexuality and daily behaviour. During the tantric-massage part, you are naked on a matt may follow my instructions along entire hour to be being under meditative mode rising your body- consciousness through being present while your sexual energy is getting aroused without the permission to act it (only to follow).

The Tantric Massage session, is using to FIRST session (inspecting) & LAST session to be both reference and "activation process" to initiate your body under the new consciousness you have achieved after the deep intense process we finished during 10 weeks via Skype knowing yourself in very delicate level. 

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Interested a COMPETE Sexual-Upgrade Process?

In booking the first session of ״Astro-Tantra-coaching", you are starting a 10 weeks process (weekly session of 1 hour) via Skype, through it I'll manage with you the next breaking through work:

1. Analyze and transforming your current paradigms (blockages) considering body & sexual instincts
2. Awakening your subconscious through Astrology natal-chart. 
3. To align you with life-purpose path you probably have misaligned. 
4. Training you to take both actions and perform in the social and relationship realms.
5. To calm worries, "third-eye-activation"-  to see clear-vision (cleansing the "mockus" caused by too much emotional)
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By these principal topics to walk through you are about to validate the man/ lover/partner and friend you are.
After the 10 weeks
1. You are welcome to come meeting me to tantric initiation session  (optional) this is in order to see how body, mind and spirit are aligned now,  activating better vital energy channeling that will be manifested in your body posture, shiny face.
2. If you prefer to start with Tantric-Massage before the 10 weekly sessions via Skype, it's an option too. (In this option- the tantric massage won't activate nothing, but will proof you how the blockages in your body/mind/ heart are serious enough to limit you being tantric (all these detects will get transformed as healing during the main description here about the 10 weekly sessions process. 
I’m based most of the year in Spain, and 3 months a year in Tel Aviv, Israel. 
There are also events I publish from time to time in other places in the world (Mostly Los Angles, London, Brussels) 
Finally, the achievements you will have in 10 weeks from now will convert your sex from ״normal-sex״ to ״tantric-sex״.
Let me know if you have any more question?
To understand more about my work you can take the short FREE course
Looking forward to hearing from you, 

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  • 1. Diabetics
  • 2. High/ Low blood-Pressure
  • 3. Depression
  • 4. Anxiety
  • 5. Lower Back issues (L4/L5)
  • 6. Psoriasis
  • 7. Bad metabolism

Connect with authentic Nature of yourself

Feel confident in both life and bed

Overcome main sexual blockages to express yourself freely

Rise your self esteem


Tantra is a mystical subject that is nearly impossible to define. Tantra is a spiritual, sexual science that is not static in its definition.When we embrace Tantra, we become more "complete." By identifying and stimulating our innate sensual spirituality, we discover parts of ourselves that have been repressed.You can learn to use Tantric energy for sexual pleasure but also for awareness on daily basis.

 Sexuality is far beyond your cognitive limits

Discover how Osher Elias can help you to find your life-purpose, to reveal through arousing your nature, bringing you back to silence in your head and open heart 

Frequent Questions:

Osher, What your profession?

When people are asking me about my work expecting me to define my profession in specific name I introduce myself as "Life-coach, tantric instructor, astrologer, holistic therapist"

 I rather answering the next description than only "occupancy name":

I'm helping to people to get aligned their individual consciousness in parallel the collective consciousness evolution, and in order to realize one's potential to achieve better of self-harmony, calmness, awareness based on sexuality reflection;

My coaching sessions are combination between body, mind and spirit passing through sexuality to spirituality.

How Tantra and Kabbalah are related to Sexuality?

Both "Tantra & Kabbalah" philosophies are the base platform to work with male sexuality in order to reflect the deepest parts of the one's blockages and from there to liberate/ melt them as healing process. 


To deeply understand the relationship between Tantra & Kabbalah: Click here - Free 30 mins course.  


What's the purpose of using Astrology regarding the life coaching?

Astrology is the tool I use to manifest the Kabbalah part of my "Tantra & Kabbalah" technique

The Astrology discipline I use along coaching sessions are related to the Kabbalah aspect, and in order to help the person to take extra consciousness, also to self-acceptance about many reality a person is tend to blame than take responsibility.

Nevertheless, using astrology has nothing to see with predicting future (sometimes may help relaxing the person with what is about to come)

For best result and success with client progress, I don't tell him the optional future to come, but am using it to myself in order to GUIDE BEST the client with most relevant exercises  or suggestions to his confusing/ complexed situation.

It's also very recommended it you take the ASTROLOGY COURSE LEVEL 1 - by it you may even go deeper with your inner process along the weeks we run together to heal your life.


96% of these men that are suffering from "erectile dysfunctionalityaren't having any urology issue, but a neglected-emotional-issue in relationship or past relationships. 

"Tantra & Kabbalah method" is coming to help you to reconnect with you have ignored/rejected during the last years.


  • 1. Masturbation addiction 
  • 2. Premature 
  • 3. Top & Bottom confuse
  • 4. Loneliness
  • 5. Social anxiety
  • 6. Penis Size issue
  • 7. Issues with penetration 


  • 1. Erectile dysfunctionality
  • 2. Marriage issues (no sex)
  • 3. Low Self-Esteem
  • 4. Bisexuality confusion
  • 5. Sudden thoughts to intimate with men