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I Never had tantra massage before and I would like to have more info how the whole process goes?
Why should I have tantra massage -if it is sexual then why should i have massage instead just doing sex?
How tantric session goes? WATCH!

Tantra” is ancient philosophy similar to Yoga; Tantra come to help people in expressing hidden sides of themselves through stimulating both physical and mental bodies and by illuminating the shadows that are generating unconscious stress.

Tantric massage” unlike “erotic massage”

The word “Sexuality” goes beyond the basic understanding of “sex”; Sexuality refers to your holistic being (complete being), it’s contain old pattern from your childhood covering by matured desires for example a deep need to connect with other intimately.

What does tantric session include?

This is a full process that last 2 hours:
1st hour focuses on both mental & emotional sexual approach to prepare your body into 2nd hour experience through sensual awareness.
The 2nd hour is a “tantric massage” itself. During the massage you and me are naked and I’ll guide you through it until you feel completely comfortable and release your muscles and mind.

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