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"Sexuality" vs "SEX":

The word “Sexuality” goes far beyond the meaning of “sex”
Sexuality refers to holistic of yourself: including thoughts, emotions, fears from breaking norms,  past experience, your wishes, fantasies and strong desires.

Sexuality vs Tantra

Tantra” is ancient philosophy similar to Yoga; Tantra come to help people in expressing hidden sides of themselves through stimulating both physical and mental bodies and by illuminating the shadows that are generating unconscious stress.

What does tantric session include?

Tantric- massage" VS "Erotic- massage"

When we say the word”Sexuality” it goes beyond just “sex”; meaning, sexuality refers to holistic of yourself including your thoughts, emotions, fears to break society norms, your past experience, wishes, fantasies and deepest desires that few in the world know about you.

What does tantric session include?

  • Mindfulness process
  • 2 hours session:
    1st hour is mental approach and 2nd hour
    via body (tantric massage)
  • During the massage we both are naked
  • Along the session I’ll guide you with various exercises that finally may lead you to amazing floating state of mind and free body to explore.

I relate “Sexuality” to: Intimacy, ritual, connection, apathy, and feel good in your body. “Sex” is so basic that nothing to add to what you know already..

I Never had tantra massage before and I would like to have more info how the whole process goes? Why should I have tantra massage -if it is sexual then why should i have massage instead just doing sex?
J. 45 years old
married +1

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