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"My soul kissed your soul so deeply"

Two hours of unforgettable session.

Tantric Massage Men 2 Men

What does it include?

  1. Mental & Emotional preparation (1 hour)
  2. Tantric Massage practice & Ritual (1 hour)



What “Tantric Preparation” good for?

Tantric preparation will enable you to remove your mental blockages, feeling comfortable with me as I’ll guide you, ask you questions that you have waited for years to being asked, you will be surprised how honest conversation could make you feel and especially before to experience the physical experience through tantric massage.


What does “Tantric Massage” by man include?

Tantric massage: a physical experience that I can be experienced through variable levels of intensity depend on person’s situation.

In case that a customer is mentally very opened, full of energy noticing with active passion, may go forward in this tantric therapy session / ritual to include a mutual  body contact including penetration.

Tantric massage will support you to improve your self-harmony, channeling your vital energy through instinctual sexuality; consider that this is a gradual process until seeing major improvements such as your erection levels, sperm amount, orgasm volume and happiness positive mood.

To grow with Tantra you can’t do it alone.
I’ll guide you through a marvelous process; from the first time session you may notice how you feel yourself lighter and freer than anytime before.



Most men think that ejaculation is Orgasm, but they are totally wrong missing a very critical point here.

Ejaculation & Orgasm;  2 separate actions that happen on the same time (mostly)

As you feel more comfortable in your body, learning / practicing Tantra, your sexual liberation allow you to express yourself when fucking – MOANING is best way to breath deep.


Tantric Orgasm; experiencing a kiss from god

*Orgasm derived from your brain – ejaculation from your penis.

When you will experience a real tantric Orgasm your body will be vibrating for almost a minute and you will be aligned with divinity sense (like being outside of your body feeling heaven) no pains, no worries no fears to be noticed at this time.

The biggest benefit of real tantric orgasm is the well being to come after this, as you achieve at this experience to maintain your heart open (feeling tons of love from anything – like was under ecstasy pill) and your testosterone level reach a great harmony to soften your muscles connecting you with PEACE family of feelings.