Osher Elias your ultimate mentor

tantric therapist and metaphysical consultant 

Specialist to male sexuality followed by Tantric philosophy and Kabbalah wisdom

Osher Elias, developer of "Tantra & Kabbalah" method for men - proved to be most effective approach to heal any psychological conflict, mental fatigue, low self-esteem and high level of stress.

This method is dedicated to men who mostly are married, bisexual either homosexual who aren't taking part in what called gay-life-style/scene. It brings significative improvement to any man that confronts sexual blockages which is manifested in sexual functionality.

"I'm Israeli Native, born in 1976 to  a mid-class family, first generation in Israel."

"I was a very happy boy until the my testosterone awakened that faced me with the homosexual side along my teenage"

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Osher helps men to get liberated, feel happier, healthier all through understanding, expressing and connecting with an authentic sexual-energy

Sexual-blockages could be noticed through various of symptoms that most men couldn't ignore. The main symptom that is proving: depression, stress, homosexual issues are both: premature and/or erectile dysfunctionality.

When man ignores any sexual-blockage symptom, usually through telling excuses/ stories "why sex isn't important now", life through focusing in career, other people problem ext,  some other ugly symptoms will appear until he will get awakened facing sexuality consciously. 


Most of my life I felt that my homosexuality was biggest barrier to the outer world, when school's colleagues used to go together to friend house for watching porno-video masturbating together, even I wanted to take part so much, knowing I'm homosexual and that someone could revel it, made me to separate myself from society, it was my secret and felt terrified.

The urge to explore myself either sexuality was since very young age, I felt alien, like there is no more homosexual men in the world, there is no one to share my feelings with, I knew is bad, and didn't want to be that "gay man".

Thanks to my autodidactic ability, I dedicated all my teenage time to reading enciclopedias, the main topic I've studied were: Biology, sexuality; anatomy and psychological aspects, Astrology, Numerology, Astronomy.

I lived with a secret that felt a heavy rock inside my heart when arrived turned to 27 years old.

I told came out after i've turned 27,  at this time I've realized that there is any other alternative healthy way to go further if I want to reach happiness, spirituality and love. This transit period was tensed and like a bamboo from nothing I became huge. 

Today, I'm the person who's able to contain either understand  any male issues, my conscious process along my sexual growth was intense followed by brutal high libido and unbelievable curiosity to understand the beyond to what is body or material (my spiritual path). 

All the holistic (metaphysical) tools I collected (and still collecting) helped me to generate some major changes in many aspects that converted me from shy man to direct man, from low-esteem to strong self-confidence, from innocent that anybody could manipulate to someone that sees the truth only through observing another person either situation. 

As said, the spiritual tools were the substitution to my sexual urges to get revealed earlier, but today, all these that have discovered their sexuality very early but disconnected from the inner process which is considered to be spiritual, are living with many sexual-issues, are the typical profile of my patients.  


It's all about conscious sexuality.

I teach men how to channel correctly their sexual energy, facing their emotional and mental state with their natural instincts.

What an average man could achieve with a psychotherapist along a period of years, I can achieve with my patients in few weeks or months, because the ability to navigate between such extreme poles; between sexuality (the darkest side) to spirituality (the lightest invisible aspect) is what I know to do and what proved to be most effective approach to heal our life.

My method is called "Tantra & Kabbalah for Men" and it's your complete opportunity to go with me, along a short period of 5-12 weeks, through a process that will align you with what we consider to be love, stability, health and abundance. 


 “Conscious Sexuality- The key to understand who you are" 

 Osher’s method means "Tantra & Kabbalah for men" this is process of self-investigation and healing. It's based on mental-emotional-physical work and revelation.

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“Married men that are fantesizing about men but channeling it through once in a while "massage by man", I find them with heavy issues that without speaking about their sexuality (What I do) are destroying themselves along the years, and through addictive behaviours punishing themselves through bad health, expensive medications and other life-stories you really want to avoid.

Feel brave to heal your sexuality through speaking about your sexuality? if not with me, with who?

All initiate tantric sessions are starting with verbal work.. after the first session you will understand how positive it is.