Osher Research


1. Sexuality is a gate to our soul (source)

2. Healthy sexuality makes us to become strong and attractive.

3. There are more homosexual men than these who define themselves "gay".

4.  Sexuality and spirituality are related and any sexual action when your heart is open may feel divine. 

5. Religious men suffer more from sexual issues and will die before these who're not religious. 

1.  "Gay-community" (LGBT) isn't representing the homosexual public quantity.

2.  Most bisexual men aren't taking part in any sort of gay life (most of them are married to woman).

3.  80% are bottom  inside the gay scene, but the it's because that most bottom men are outside of the closet.

4. There who are consider themselves Versatile - are basically bottom but with emotional/ sexual issues to confess their bottom side.

5.  The missed quantity of Top men (100% top) are not taking part inside the gay scene.

6.  Bisexuality is major sort of issue which similar to what mentioned about versatile men.

7.  Dating sites such Grindr/ scruff  are fantasy trap which  are generating more frustration and sexual issues that leads to "daily masturbation"

8.  Masturbation has became to one of most popular addiction among men. 

“When man either accepts and respects his sexual nature, he can realize himself and can find easier his role in life (life-purpose).


“Married men who are fantasizing about men will survive life like an animal in the desert.

Their source of energy get drained itself quickly and they will be the first that will get sick until will get awake to listen their inner voice.