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Would you date a depressed person?

Am I depressed or just chronically stressed?

You are probably not alone! 
  • If you are happy person that’s enjoying from what people usually wish you in birthday time …I would like to ask what’s your secret to keep being so content?


  • Are you dancing every night and laughing just because you feel beautiful? Are you drinking Alcohol on daily basis? are you taking any drugs?


  • Do you feel gratitude on all the things you have and feel blessed?
    Are you free from work/ money worries? Costs are low and you have time to focus only on your hobbies?


Don’t miss the next video – I want you to confront the reality most of people will try to ignore.

Would you date a depressed person?

We must to admit that depression has became such an epidemic nowadays what can’t prevent you from not knowing people in bad state – would you date a depressed persons.

Statistics show; Anxiety and depression disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18% of the population

It’s not uncommon for someone with an anxiety disorder to also suffer from depression or vice versa. Nearly one-half of those diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Looking only on this data – what’s going on only in the U.S we understand that at first we must swallow the fact that probably yourself and your best friends are already “infected”.

What does it mean  “INFECTED

(..infecting from who?)

We are living on earth that is a paradise, we sleep everyday peacefully – we breath fresh air, we are dancing all nights for at least 10 minutes with favorite songs, we are paying only symbolic price to our apartments, food is so cheap and organic, all cars are solar and we are smelling every day walking to our favorite work roses flowers smell – we are smiling the same times per day as we enjoyed living with 5 years old, TV-news are all about animals and scientific innovation, the water we drink is pure and we feel in love because of the peace we have inside, we also free to express our sexuality to men or women without any judgement.

Asking you..

Do you really think humans can handle the exact contrary to the paradise i’ve described?

Of course, we all infected- surrounded by hate, wars, aggression, criticism, competition..

Wouldn’t you to date a person that perhaps more sensible than you; that maybe doesn’t afraid to say “I’m depressed”?


Would you judge a guy that tells you he’s seeing psychotherapist because of being depressed?

I hope that not – because this patient is taking responsibility and use professional service to calm down and being happier – when another majority are smoking like crazy, taking poppers, marijuana, alcohol, or any other substances just to feel kind of “healthy” –

“Medication? Me?- No thanks god- I’m healthy man; let’s go to bar I want to get drunk – I had a crazy day” – Sounds better?

In the end of the day all is consciousness reducing to minimum any judgmental pattern – saying I’m better than other – or if he smokes or depressed I don’t date him.

And last one..

Maybe if you, will learn to this person – will know and understand, respect him- thanks to your positive approach this man will feel happier and will start helping to your issues that for sure are not few, depression symptoms will disappear with surrounded by love and feel important.

You don’t need to hill no-one, just being yourself – seeing the heart of the man and not the stories or symptoms

One thought on “Would you date a depressed person?

  1. Thanks Velvet for engaging with this post.
    I totally agree with your question correction.
    As in a world of robots are taking (replacing) the people jobs we are feeling more and more disconnected from love values which are considered to be caring touch we “all” received in first years of our life.
    Too much automatization more than just generating stress in human mind, is creating sort of distance in physical level from each other… all are leading to mental illness.

    The question here.
    “Does my current partner love me relying on me support and help me to come out from my situation?” Along the years working with people, I saw how love and human care is an absolute HEALING TO DEPRESSION. In other words, I say that if a person inside a relationship is falling to severe depression, it may has to see with issue inside of the relationship, which in the ill partner feels lack of warm attention like was coping love alone.

    I must to add, that sometimes, the opposite is truth as well…
    A depression rises up when a person was disconnected from his subconscious wounds and arrived to a moment of emotional / mental eruption sort of thing.. I mean by it, to people that have got married with the NON – CORRECT ONE or as many cases I know, homosexual man got married to woman, that even the woman loves him very much and try to support the best she can, the man can’t receive the LOVE he needs in soul level.. for this cases the healing has to see first with auto-expression, authenticity (sharing the truth first within himself, later with the partner a secret created to sort of emotional separation.

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