Considering yourself open minded man to experience a higher dimension of yourself using your sexual potential


Common question:

I never had tantra massage before and I would like to have more info how the whole process goes?

Why should I have tantra massage -if it is sexual then why should i have massage instead just doing sex?

Just trying to understand the process of tantra session, because it does sound something I haven’t experience before.
Thanks for your reply in advance.



Bare in mind, “Tantra” is ancient philosophy similar to Yoga that help people to reach a higher version of themselves using sexual potential that anyhow linked with 5 senses.
You also must to understand that “sexuality” isn’t referring to “sex”  only, Sexuality contains emotional involvement for example facing fears, obsessions, vulnerability all in order to access feeling of unity, love, intimacy; having saying it you should understand that physical attraction alone has nothing to see with fulfillment or spiritual experience meaning feeling self-harmony and balance.
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“Tantric massage” isn’t an erotic massage
This is a full process that lasts 2 hours, (first hour is dedicated to mental & emotional preparation), 2nd hour approaching physical part through “tantric massage”. Guiding you through unique exercises meantime working on your body in order to help you reaching a full body- spiritual experience activating your sexual instincts.
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How tantric sessions goes?

Tantric Massage Therapy to Men only!

The tantric story starts with Yin & Yang rule of balance:

Sexuality speaking; Top & Bottom between men

In Sexuality energy flow must to occur in order to experience energy potential; energy flow always emerged from  (+) pole to  (-)

Unfortunately; we tend to consider every man being (+) and women to (-) ; BIG MISTAKE!

The truth is that even between men attraction exists (+) & (-) of men generate real magnetic fields including emotional bonding, unlike homosexual men that are feeling attraction based on mostly exterior features and appearance.

In Tantric session your Yang (+) energy could connect with my Yin (-) pole; from there to reach a deep intimate experience that may drive your mind to another dimension.



  1. Personal-Growth
  2. Arousing your 5 senses
  3. Increasing libido
  4. Removing sexual/ psychological blockages
  5. Increasing vitality and adrenaline producing.
  6. Open your heart to feel more love
  7. Upgrading your basic sexual fantasies to deeper needs
  8. Adding new taste of happiness to your life.