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Tantra for Men guide

Tantric Masturbation how to be patient and not to ejaculate?

In tantra you are asked to learn flexibility like in Yoga developing nervousness tolerance is must. With Tantra you  may  learn to reduce your ejaculations in order to increase pleasure and orgasms! Ask yourself: What time of the day do you feel more horny? What do you prefer: boyfriend for lifetime or hookups with strangers? How many times do you […]

I lost my vg top and bottom at 19

After that I was confused and had a hard time finding myself, because when I topped I couldn’t last for longer than 2 mins sometimes less and didn’t want to bottom because of my first relationship. Throughout my 20’s I abused myself sexually with lots of hook ups, hate to say it but at this current moment been with over 300 guys and not even sure if that is accurate. For a while I thought I had a sex addiction, but felt it was the norm in gay society.

Best 5 ways of penis masturbation

January 7, 2017
Sexual education

If you are circumcised – Focus on the FRENULUM and the corona of gland
If you are uncircumcised – you better to push the fore-skin down and by water based lubricant use the inner part of your palm above the Frenulum

What is Indigo Child? I was that boy!

The Indigo Child and How to Recognize One Indigo children, according to a pseudo-scientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. They are sometimes also referred to as crystal children or star children.   The concept of indigo children gained popular interest with the publication of […]

Is feeling “empty” good or bad?

December 15, 2016
Emotions and Psychology

Chakras alignment has to see first with consciousness:
Non chakras alignment leads to low inner harmony, harming your mood and than your physical health.
The more common issues people are feeling in these kind of mis-alignment is depression and other kinds of mental issues (feeling of “Emptiness”).

How to date right man filtering the crazy one?

It’s may be very exhausting to be on the sex cruising path searching everyday new candidate to channel your sexual fantasies out. Indeed it’s much better to search for sex on daily basis than masturbate on daily basis, because you are at least go out from yourself practicing social activity by speaking to new people.

What are the spiritual men orgasm like?

If someone wonders if tantric orgasm can be experienced without spiritual consciousness, the answer is no.   Furthermore, if a man just looks for the pleasure of the physical body, he cannot experience tantric sexuality because he does not have a spiritual connection, and because he will not able to understand his partner’s needs.   […]

How to Experience Multiple Orgasms through Tantra? (part 1)

This is the reason why gays prefer having random sex that does not require any form of commitment, and this is the cause of avoiding building a stable relationship, which is based on trust, commitment and monogamy.
In these kind of relationships the real and true connection is not achieved.

How can tantra help to men?

Tantra is not prostitution . Consequently, people should be careful when reading and seeing things and objects with “Tantra” on them. For those who simply exploit the word “Tantra,” all this is very convenient since they will avoid calling the things their real name, i. e. they will not have to use rude words, and they will not have to say it bluntly that they offer sex or escort service.

There are no limits – Sex is absolutely free in your fantasies

medieval gatos

The spiritual element that we have refers to our conscience, our thoughts, all things that we cannot see in ourselves, but we are sure of their existence. This spiritual part of us is infinity. It comes from things that really can do everything in our fantasy and thoughts. We can think and feel whatever we want.
There are no limits!