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Blind Dating or sending 10 photos before?

Why to take the risk of a blind date if you can send 10 photos before deciding to leave home?


We all want to meet new people, and dating applications are giving us now too many possibilities to meet the maybe our second half.


More pictures? .. Just to make sure you are my type..

Who doesn’t know the modern attitude; you will be requested to send more and more pictures not just of your face but your body, chest, and in most cases some erotical/ sexual action to be sure that you are the right candidate avoiding disappointed experience by meeting face to face.



The blind dates have disappeared from the world.


Blind dates are historical way without having smartphone. By only having a phone number of someone you were speaking for a while with that person and only mentally compatibility was found between you a date could come to action, usually in neutral place outside home.


citas ciegas

Do you really believe to what you see?

I want my man to have spectacular body as seen in male health magazines, I also want him masculine and equipped with beautiful penis or arse, I want to see all possible photos to be sure I don’t waste my time on frauder.


In the end you find yourself in front of the man from the picture, but reality does its thing; even this man has a good body more or less as shown,  but his personality and the way he looks has nothing to see with chemistry for you. Know it?


In the world of graphic design, professional cameras, Instagram and digital effects it is very difficult to predict if reality and image are authenticated.





Speak – Use your Phone to vibrate your voice out

blind date

Many people that are looking for sex in dating site applications will avoid from talking by phone. sometimes to save money (not the popular case in the U.S) but mostly because some people will don’t feel confident to risk the image they have drawn through the well done picture they have sent already.

Even only 1 minute of speaking by phone will supply for you 70% of the information you need to feel that this person is worth your time and maybe any coffee dating investment.



Communicating by spoken words is everything you need

If someone tells you.

why do you want to hear my voice; Do you want to make sure I’m masculine?
Perhaps he’s already aware what the voice means and may reduce points to his great body pictures he’s already sent you.

The voice gives you 70% of the information about the person you speak, but the photos give you only 30%

What can we learn from the voice?

  1. Level of intelligence – in short speaking chat you will know if the person is educated, stupid or arrogant.
  2. Self Esteem – The tone of voice and answers (or questions) will give this factor about the person.
  3. Smoker – There are heavy smokers voice very easy to identical.
  4. Male or female – It’s the easiest factor to learn by hearing ..
  5. Lier or honest – By some questions you will learn if this person is trustworthy or not .. train yourself speaking to new people without seeing them, and make through time your conclusions.


Use your voice via Whats app

Whats App allows you to record a voice message and send to the person along the chatting time, but of course, it is not very natural to record a message while you continue erasing the bad versions until you feel convinced to send one, you really want to feel the questions and answers dynamic.


But, obvious, in most cases a voice message in whatsapp (if impossible to speak live) would be a better option than rely only on photos and a written phrases.


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