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How to masturbate maintaining 100% erection longer than 10 minutes?


You want MORE from everything – We are more consumers  than producers. So even if you have already enough money for the rest of your life you may find yourself with the hunger to generate more, in other words to feel that something is missed..

WHAT’s missed to SELF-fulfillment?

In a world of easy access to things you may consider yourself a very rich man comparing to what 3rd world live nowadays.

Feeling that something is missed proves that happiness has nothing to see with what you have but very much to see with what you fulfilled you feel.


Feeling emptiness means that you are bored and hate your work.

Speaking about how to channel your energy (receiving more), if you feel “I don’t have enough so for myself- of course you can’t share”, meaning, you may be stacked concentrated on your egoistic needs chasing fulfillment that unfortunately seems to be endless and in result you remain exhausted consuming more things (shopping, porno, masturbation) with the illusion that maybe them will give me what I need.

What are best masturbation techniques for a male?

Symptoms to low energy flow is daily-masturbation (ejaculation)

It’s crystal clear that the more you are masturbating on daily basis you are:

  1. Less involved in social life
  2. Have little amount of sexual interactions
  3. Facing loneliness (depression)
  4. Suffering form Low self-esteem
  5. Confronting emotional blockages such as exaggerated fear of rejection, guilt or shame


Too much stressed ?

Everybody have a work to do – I speak about the internal kink of work which is the hardest to accomplishing because it’s very painful.

For example, working on shame to speak in public, fear to express what you want, or even maybe to be more generous.

most people will resist any difficulty (blockage) or any other word will look for the easiest alternative in order to reduce the “pain”



Sportive people understand that feeling muscle pains after working-out is a positive sign they worked out well – for them, this pain is a sign that muscle is growing.



Face the difficult/ the hard actions are the same working-out effect to promise your growth to be a stronger and more beautiful.

Stress and sadness;  root causes to MASTURBATION on daily basis


  • What time of the day you mostly masturbating. What are the feelings the hour before?
  • Is changing the times of masturbation will provoke same level of pleasure?
  • How motivated you will be to hunt a person to sex if you decide to not masturbating for a month?


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