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How to date right man filtering the crazy one?

Efficiently Dating – Stop wasting time!

If you are single you may feel tired from sex meetings or sex- focus chat, finally desiring a relationship with a one man that will supply you a permanent good sex life,  but also emotional and mental support.


It’s may be very exhausting to be on the sex cruising path, everyday searching for new candidate to channel your fantasies or sexual needs out. Indeed it’s much better to search for sex on daily basis than masturbate on daily basis, because you are at least going out from yourself practicing a social activity by speaking to new people.


analWhen you get tired from sex encounters with anonymous men or even from some permanent partners (lovers) with them your relationship is based on superficial touch or limited support, this is your time to start dating a man delaying your sex instincts for daily ritual ejaculation to something more meaningful that worth it.


By dating, the more you know the person, the better the sex experience you will have.

In so many places men are speaking about tantra but very little are meaning to take what tantra teaches.

Gay dating is not easy as it seems

Homosexuality is more difficult to handle than in the straight world.  In straight world the man knows about his role and same thing for woman. Usually there are various scenarios that will come to reality and intercourse will come later to the first date. Unfortunately, the sex delay is not a promise to good sex even that there is no doubt about the sexual roles as homosexual people will need to consider.

Homosexual men has something to tell declare before they jump to sex.

Top or Bottom?

If the man will tell you, “it depends with the person I with”, or will start to tell you that he is a “top” but that loves to suck a dick, it may be a little problem in communication. (Oral sex has nothing to see with your sex role, in other words, you can be 100% but like to give oral sex to your partner, and the opposite, bottom men that don’t like to give oral sex).

It’s always important you will speak about it with your partner to make sure the man that you are engaged with is playing with you on the right pace.


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