Ben Yehuda
Tel Aviv

I am happily married with four beautiful children

There are so many men in closet that are married with children than are keep struggling between cheating with a guy when persisting love their wife.

My email explodes every day with such same stories from all over the world.

here is one for example:

Osher, I’ve watched every one of your youtube videos and I am seeking you out, because I’ve learned through self-observation that sexual energy, is not always intended to end with an ejaculatory orgasm. 

I am happily married with four beautiful children.  In my late teen years and early twenties I was a singer in NYC, lived the party life, abused sex from the age of 12-23 finding satisfaction in experiences with both women and men.  I had a spontaneous spiritual awakening one night at four in the morning at the age of twenty-three and I have never been the same.

 I have had spiritual experiences, that I can remember since the age of four, but I never thought anything about them.  I just knew I was intuitive/psychic but was afraid to talk about it.   Having said this, I am an esoteric Christian and a spiritual leader as well.  

I am seeking you out because you have discovered how to direct sexual energy and how to help others heal as well, so they can find greater freedom and peace.  At an appropriate time, I will share more.  I just wanted you to have some more info on my motives. 

I was sexually abused as a child, and was over-exposed to sexuality at far too tender of an age.  By nature I was very shy, sexually, I was very prude.  So having sexual images, and behavior imposed on me beginning at the age of five years old, set me on a course for very confused feelings, extreme insecurity and eventually to drug-use from the age of 19-23.

Drugs seemed to help me release much of what had been bottled up in me for so long, yet we know that is not the right path.  

As an esoteric Christian, I am very inspired by the life Jesus lived.  I am not inspired by the church or Christians today. 

They are victims of being handed down a severely distorted set of teachings and that is another whole story.


I am Jewish by birth….My mother’s parents Russian/German Jews and my father was Catholic were Jewish immigrants to Italy.  They probably settled there after Jerusalem was seized and the temple destroyed by Titus in 70 A.D.  I am a student of Kabbalah, Tarot, Yoga, and the life lived by Jesus of Nazareth.

I’ve also been greatly inspired by the teachings of Edgar Cayce who being a Christian was able to explain how people can attain to, ascend toward oneness with God and man, which is my overall life purpose.

I love all people and see all life as a gift from God. 

I am subtly aware of the innate power of sexual energy.  Currently I am practicing semen retention (trying) anyway. 

There are times also when I feel movement in the root chakra and I know it is not for sex at that time, but I don’t know what to do with this energy?

 I am a spiritual healer and have applied myself for the last 15 years to study and practice.  As a sensitive If I expand my aura toward another, I will feel in my body where they have pain.  Sometimes I just think about them being healed and they are.

 So I have some good gifts to offer this world. 

So do you….Thank you for being yourself and learning what you have learned so you can help others.  I respect what you do.  It is sacred.
I want to master the sexual energies that present themselves within my being.  I don’t know how, but I have made progress……

I watched the video you attached and am seeking insight and teaching from you….I am not looking for a physical thrill, but I am looking for healing (which I know I need) and I am looking to develop mastery over the actions I take when I desire sex, or to masturbate……

I know you can help me…..Where to go from here?  I am not sure. 

Most people wouldn’t understand our conversation. 

I will  be able to meet you someday on Skype, but that will have to be when I can get away for the night.  From time to time I go to a hotel down the block just to meditate through the night without interruption.  Having four children, there is always action here, so my wife blesses my getting away for prayer and meditation. 

We will have to meet on one of those nights.  

Until then, I hope this encourages you, that I am genuine, I am seeking personal healing and development and for this reason I have found you…..Have a good day and let me know what you think!!!


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