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How to experience multiple orgasms through tantra? (part 2)

Tantric Male Orgasm (not ejaculation only)

Regular vs Tantric Orgasm

A lot of books were written about the tantric orgasm, and how it is something that would lead a person to an ultimate pleasure, that would result in the biggest sexual delight of a person in a lifetime, that it helps a person to control ejaculation etc.

However, it is a well-known fact that even in regular orgasms some people really can achieve all the above-mentioned descriptions of a sexual experience.


In tantric orgasms a man is able dominating the highest level of stimulation done mostly with strong mental ability and calm emotional state.

When a man is sexually aroused, he usually does not think straight, he is usually only focused on himself. In other words, his sexual energy is the thing that controls and drives him.



There are a big number of men who still suffer from premature or cuming earlier to what they cognitively prefer to last.

Tantric sexuality lead the man to be able to control the edge of essential instincts but more importantly to reconnect correctly to his instincts (I have many married men that are suffering premature only with their wife but lasting enough when having sex with men.. think to yourself about his emotional structure)

It is only when a man learns to focus on his partner that he can become more balanced and self-content.

The reason of male anxiousness, whether it is sexual or general, is too much focusing on ourselves.   When a person just relaxes, and opens his mind,  he is ready to experience something unique; he is able to experience things through his whole body.

Only then a man is really free and open to receive the tantric pleasure.

In tantric orgasms, a man may have enjoyment in larger orgasms, and he can also have a longer and more satisfactory intercourse.

Moreover, there is kind of unity between two men even after the tantric orgasm.

Contrary to this, what can be observed in regular orgasms is the fact that the partners are showing the will to separate after the intercourse.  Even when we talk about heterosexual intercourse, there is a big difference between women’s and men’s wishes after the intercourse.

Namely, after the intercourse, men want to be lonely, they want rest or to just leave. On the other hand, women want to form some kind of unity with the partner.


After a tantric sex you feel continuous connection between yourself to the other aside you.

This connection could last even for an hour after the intercourse.

This connection of love and trust is the sole source of the feeling of unity.
If someone wonders if tantric orgasm can be experienced without spiritual consciousness, the answer is no.


anal sex men

Furthermore, if a man just looks for the pleasure of the physical body, he cannot experience tantric sexuality because he does not have a spiritual connection, and because he will not able to understand his partner’s needs.

Chemistry between two people can easily be found. However, the orgasm that is based only on chemistry is not tantric. Most of the couples around the world possess some kind of chemistry between themselves; however, this is not true love.


Love is the mixture of emotions that people develop for each other because of the mutual dependencies, or because of somebody’s use to someone.


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