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Skype session (1 hour)

  • Verbal Ability
  • Emotional Release
  • Exercises
  • Reprogramming & NLP



  • Reveal Blockages
  • Relax and experience
  • Get awared to enregy level
  • Meet the method

Frequently asked questions

After coming to Tantric Massage session (2 hours) you have 24 hours to apply to the “Complete Program”. You will get a coupon code with same value to reduce the cost you have paid already to the 1st session. For example: If the complete process price is 166*3 = 498 . The amount you have paid will deducted:
498-160 = 338 is the pending amount to complete the process.

You will pay in 3 payment (monthly): 338/3 = $112

Astrology is more than just related to sexuality, in this reading (3rd session of the “complete-process”) I’ll open for you the “Pandora Box” and will help you to understand the most important events that have happened to you, also to explain you about your Life-Purpose, detecting the blockages you have on the way what will clarify how your sexual behaviour coming to action (from what you are escaping – in others words- your main fears). We will float it up and work through it to enhance your sexual healing.

The tantric courses: “Anal-Tantric Sex Between Men” and “Tantric Male-Masturbation” are very important material you are welcome (very recommended) you start before even you come to first session – It will help you to digest the tantric concept and how to align your masculine and feminine energy in any life fields. Also, taking the courses (or 1 of them) before starting the process will enable you to take some steps forward than these who would need to work anyhow through classes that anyhow I teach in the recorded classes. (Homosexual and bisexual men are pleased to start with the 1st class of anal-tantric-sex-between-men)

If you decide to go to another professional (tantric masseuse in your city) to complete the 5th session,  you may lose a major part of what we’ve built taking effect on your
Imagine that after having such a deep process, now that you can experiencing the last tantric-massage, feeling vulnerable but safe  transcending yours sexuality to a superior experience, choosing not to continue with same therapist may cause you to lose a big effect from what we have built so far.

After the 1st Cycle, you could request to participate in the 2nd Cycle.
The 2nd cycle contains 3 hours in total with are divided to 2 meeting of 1.5 hours.

Generally,  This advanced cycle is contain Tantric rituals, outer activity and body-mind interaction where is possible to celebrate the free-healthy-sacred-sexuality.

Put in mind that this 2nd cycle is mostly discrete to tell here, and I open it only to relevant compatible men who will desire to proceed after the 1st cycle and who are answering to critical criterias I expect to find going with me to another level down.

If you have more questions or doubt, you can Contact Me

My Patients say

"I was really surprised to observed myself along the tantric massage session - what was this "crazy voice" I brought out, I never make a sound neither express a word when sexual- energy is flowing in me."
J.D 43
"I always assumed that Tantra is about prostitution, I actually took a chance on you finding you randomly online, Now I'm totally convinced that sexuality is beyond what I thought; I use my sensuality now to sense my best sexual-partners, and I don't spend any more my energy on masturbation."
E.R 38
I'm starting to feel like I am a product of the "age of porn" and "dating apps" currently I do not have any apps however I have in the past. It seems every sexual experience has become "just okay" or "good but not WOW". I feel like porn has put too many false impressions and I need to get back to reality to have a enjoyable sex life again and not just eager for something better or something more. I feel like I'm too young to be feeling this way. Your work is exactly what both young and old men need to experience.
J.S 31
It was hard in your "Anal-Tantric-Course" to get faced with your demonstrations against "versatiles", at the beginning I found myself upset as I didn't like the idea to limit my sex.. Thanks to your support I kept on watching the classes and something interesting happened to me when arrived to the 8th class - I felt something inside me moves..Finally, through the new (Appendix class) you have added (I felt you recorded it specially for me), i'm totally convinced now that my nature is 100% Bottom and it's a great liberation for me now ( I guess that I feel more free being bottom now than I thought being versatile)
U.D 46