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Does open-relationship help your love?

We are all looking for love to someone that will walk with us until the end

To open a relationship you must to be very responsible to your emotions, it’s not good for most of people but only to:


  • Intelligent people that have a clear and authentic communication with their partners.


  • Persons that have realized a great process with therapy – knowing to govern their emotions.



Take your time!

Before you are jumping into a committed relationship, it’s very important you work on yourself, learn to know yourself better, enjoy from different ways of sex until understanding what isn’t your things anymore and what you really need.

Forget about the love for a while, just investigate yourself, your libido.



It will come! the love and intimacy will appear only after you could risk yourself to investigate your passions until the end.



The more you will try, you will learn what you want, how you want it, and how to proceed. After a while you could distinguish easily what kind of person you need, to ignore the external manipulations and see an entire concept of beauty that comes from the inside too.


We are all looking for love with someone that will walk with us until the end of the road


But the sexual compatibility is even before to any romance story we can develop just because the person is nice and intelligent.


Before understanding what kind of sexuality we want/ need, we’re focused on the appearance of our dating candidates. physical appearance attraction is normal, beauty and aesthetic are basic in sell strategy even in supermarket.



So yes, we are looking for the one that will LOVE us but also that will turn us on.

But why is that difficult to find the right person?

In most cases we judge the physical appearance ignoring the person qualification (it’s exactly how the animals do, only the physical plays in their game, the bigger, the stronger, the most beautiful win).


Unfortunately, people today are not really see people authentically, this is a new age- – the era of observing (judging) the worlds through digital screens, titles, images and videos. as a result who has a good camera,  web design ability may succeed attracting more “candidates” than some others.



Why do people meet online more than in real life? There are a mixture of data that we must consider to do outside of screen.


  • Check Chemistry (smell, taste, voice, mental/emotional compatibility)  and very good sexual attraction.
  • Check Communication – there is no better way to speak, but unfortunately people are more writing than speaking.


I feel sad to see how couples accept at the beginning the negative characters of some just because of focusing on physical appearance catch.

In many cases the sexual attraction is strong enough to develop love based on look, then when relationship become stable, beauty becomes sub-priority all the ignore bad points are generating drama and hard time relationship.


People want to fall in love – but in most cases they fall blinded

Walking on clouds, feel that you can to win any enemy, overcome challenges, but after the “love effect” moves away the victim may find himself stuck in hell, far away from the place he meant to be with the idea of love and unity.


Falling in love is great, but what’s about feeling alive?

Does high Adrenalin level addictive?


Adventurists are addicted to high level of adrenaline in their blood, when is not, they feel sick, bored and empty. Some people will use the motorcycle climbing mountains and others will fall in love easily with any attractive possibility to meet. They don’t fear to die (die also means to lose it all in the risk they take).  This edgy attitude brings them more lively sensations and a manic illusion.


DEPRESSION treatment

The time you take to learn yourself, even that you were adventurist for long time, as you get matured you get relaxed, you see life from different perspective, you see the good and the bad as one, so through this matured perspective the love of life appears and you can grow through it.


When speaking about open-relationship among people that have arrived to his inner-harmony there is another concept of emotional management, it’s possible to make, you know already what you love, you are not going to lose what you have and that’s the deal of confidence and calmness.


It’s may take while your self-investigation process- don’t get hurry even you’ve arrived to 42 years old- enjoy the process of knowing yourself! In the end you will be more happy than some people that have started a non very deep relationship 10 years ago. 

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