Don’t be shy admitting you far from being perfect, and maybe you’ll never be..BUT will feel perfect once you achieve accepting these of you have considered “ugly”.

Unfortunately, sex isn’t the only factor to be the best lover, which is the only reference to get FULL SELF-ACCEPTANCE (means loving yourself).

Until you won’t polish the invisible sides of you. Forget about love that you may imagine.

1. Analyze, transform and design new body & sexual nature. 

2. Awakening your subconscious through Astrology natal-chart. 
3. Get aligned with your life-purpose
4. Train yourself to take action in both self-performance and social/ relationship realms.
5. Get rid/ shut down noisy voices in your brain, activate your “third-eye-” (seeing vision “Where do I go in life”) 


After the 10 weeks
1. You are welcome to come meeting me to tantric initiation session  (optional) this is in order to see how body, mind and spirit are aligned now,  activating better vital energy channeling that will be manifested in your body posture, shiny face.


2. If you prefer to start with Tantric-Massage before the 10 weekly sessions via Skype, it’s an option too. (In this option- the tantric massage won’t activate nothing, but will proof you how the blockages in your body/mind/ heart are serious enough to limit you being tantric (all these detects will get transformed as healing during the main description here about the 10 weekly sessions process. 

Let me know if you have any more question? 

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