Ben Yehuda
Tel Aviv

How tantra can help to men?

Tantra is ancient philosophy that has became during last decade to more and more popular among western population, why is that?

Typical mistake of people is that Tantra is Sex practice!
Tantra is a wisdom that help man to channel differently his energy in order to overcome blockages, depression, low self steem unbalanced relationships issues.

How Tantra helps?

Tantric massage isn’t just sort of erotic massage, this will work directly with your sexual instincts under unique discipline.

When we speak sexuality we must to remember that “sex” is only little part of all it, and intimacy is the biggest fear inside it that remain people more and more lonely (isolated) .

Human sexuality starts from consciously around 9-10 years old; interestingly enough, there are a lot of straight men that cope with wet dreams desiring a male touch and never let it chance to experience due to fear of rejection sometimes acceptance, when this kind of man comes to my session mostly discovered to be related to their childhood memory that were buried very very deep and in result developed various symptoms of mental health, crazy fetishes, depression, anxiety and anger.  

How the sessions goes?

Every session lasts 2 hours

1st hour is “mental Preparation” in this step we get into the darkest side of your emotions and thoughts in order to capture some triggers that keeps you in current sexual loop.

2nd hour is physical practice made by massage! Here you are lie down on bed /mattress completely naked; all you need to do is to follow my instructions through unique exercises that in the end of it may lead you to your first spiritual orgasm (“tantric orgasm”)

In the end of the session you may experience “Tantric Orgasm” that isn’t similar to regular ejaculation when man masturbates, this is a result of overall practices you achieved since the 1st part of the session having mental connection with the therapist.

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