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How to Experience Multiple Orgasms through Tantra?

How is real Tantra related to men?

It is evident that as human beings people enjoy having sex even with no intention of creating progeny.

Firstly, it is crystal clear gay men are looking for sex, and that it is something that comes from the very instinctive structure of their being because men want to a means that will enable them to discharge their energy.

Gay men have difficulties in establishing intimate relationships.

There is a heavy issue of gay men that simply want to have a lot of intercourse.

However, even though they are men, gay men simply do not know how to establish a quality relationship with another man.  Gay men have difficulties in establishing intimate relationships.


This is the reason why gay men prefer having random sex that does not require any form of commitment, and this is the cause of avoiding building a stable relationship, which is based on trust, commitment and monogamy.

In these kind of relationships the real and true connection is not achieved.

This type of behavior can be described as chaos of sexual explosion because most gay men usually prefer to find places where they can enjoy themselves.

It can be said that Tantra comes together with men because Tantra provides guidance and path to the life where quality is cherished.

One should be honest and realize that nowadays it is not strange that gay men tend to have intercourse with multiple partners; however, the troublesome quality of their connection is the problem.


The behavior of modern men is of a destructive nature. Why?

Well, the answer is very simple.

There are many things in society that are considered to be prohibited, unwanted and undesired, such as having intercourse in toilets, in other public places etc. These prohibitions tend to bring out the opposite, bad, nature of men on the surface.

This is where Tantra comes in because Tantra offers men intimacy in a completely different way.

It offers a beautiful and pure human connection between two guys.

Tantra is about creating a lifetime relationship after a ritual in which men are connecting to each other on a deeper level.

According to the Tantric rules, this kind of connection between men opens them, and then unites them into a very amazing dimension.

Friends of the new-age

In this technological world that is now dominated by the social media, people have a lot of “friends” on Facebook, however, these virtual relationships are simply not real.

Real friendships come from heart.


They are something that drives us to open to another person and to bring our entire being into that friendship.

Unfortunately, those types of friendships are almost extinct nowadays because more and more people try to find friends by browsing the profiles on social media, they simply fail to see that they should find people in the real time, in the street, where they can actually see them, talk to them and where they can really see who these people are.

That is how Tantra comes to connect us.

How to Experience Multiple Orgasms through Tantra? (part 2)

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