Get inspired enjoying from a pure mental cleansing, freeing old emotional toxics, get passion back, inspect intimacy, reconnect with your higher self and first nature.


What will we do?

  • During the day we are driving through inspiring sites: (wild beach, mountains, valley, natural parks).
  • Dynamic therapy session – listening, understanding, analysing life situation in neutral enviroment
  • Eating the minimum we need to be healthy (3 meals) – picnic eating style (no restaurants / bars)
  • Showers in lakes/ Sea or public showers.
  • Mutual body spoiling and sensuality


Spain (various regions options according to weather and time of the year)


Once a month  (Specific days will be coordinate in private)



Basic fare:  699€  (no special need)

Optional add-on – extra costs:

Bigger car (4×4):  450€

Organized camping resort:  400€

Once you accepted to participate in this program – complete you will get entire information to your email.

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