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Tel Aviv

Are “gays” and “homosexuals” same people?


As being gay isn’t an issue to more and more people than ever before. We still confront that there are still some people that will prefer to be out of these pink places or any parallel gay-identity.

If gay men could just be themselves without falling to the capitalistic trap of being “cool gay and beautiful”.

It’s so turning off for me to see that most gay porno movies of the best American producers are using the same gay categorizes of men.


Yes, I love men but not these who are “super model kind” that are living 24/7 in gym, in front of the mirror full of tattoos and mostly having sex for money.


Yes it’s much more tuning on for me on to see various armature videos (usually of these that are using hidden camera showing you a real sexual energy in action), at least I can believe that they are really enjoying and not showing it for money in direct as the first.




 So what do we have here?

First, try to google “gay guide ** Your city**”

There are mostly published bars where mostly queer types go (queers consider to be young guys around 20 and early 30’s, smooth body, thin structure, with super modern haircuts and very much perfume), next there are nightclubs where most crowd should consume drugs and a lot of alcohol to be able to survive this jungle, Bathhouses (Saunas) even that is kind of better option to my opinion to these that prefer to get relaxed and not tensed under full volume music and negative energy people hiding themselves under fake smile that derives from the alcohol effect.


In cruising parks there are more free chances to meet your man!

Most homosexual men (same as me that don’t like to consider themselves “gay”) would prefer to meet people in neutral places where there is not GAY-CODES. Indeed some feminine types will appear from time to time in these neutral sites such parks, but I guess the fact they are there without partying right now with some fake friends drinking cocktail in the neighbourhood, I will consider them more relevant to me.



Nothing bad about being gay! but not all homosexual men are gays!

Can you understand it?

If not. I will try to explain it from another angle.

Gay in general is a new expression in our society and we all know by associative words what that means.

Try it:

What do you feel if someone tells you about your friend:

  1. Ben told me that he’s gay   (He takes part in gay bars, clubs and entire lifestyle)
  2. Ben told me that he loves men  (He starts knowing the area)
  3. Ben told me that he is homosexual (he has boyfriend now)

If you don’t take part in any “gay nightlife/ lifestyle” (even that you have tried it for a while), means that you are not gay! You are simply homosexual and you can do whatever you like same as gay men!


What do homosexual people love that gays will get bored?

  • Homosexual men feel comfortable to go out alone
  • Homosexual men prefer more of intimate 1 on 1 sex than grupal
  • Homosexual men love to live inside a relationship (in many cases also with a women)
  • Homosexual men prefer more quiet than noise
  • Homosexual men may enjoy better from eating than dressing
  • Homosexual men have only 1 or 2 female friends 
  • Homosexual men do not consume drugs as much gay are


Startup time!

Why not to generate new businesses to “homosexual” oriented, that will not participate with any gay stereotypes.

If cruising parks around the world are now the best alternative for this crowd, maybe is time to publish more natural places to be a station spots.

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