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What are the spiritual men orgasm like?

If someone wonders if tantric orgasm can be experienced without spiritual consciousness, the answer is no.


Furthermore, if a man just looks for the pleasure of the physical body, he cannot experience tantric sexuality because he does not have a spiritual connection, and because he will not able to understand his partner’s needs.


Chemistry between two people can easily be found. However, the orgasm that is based only on chemistry is not tantric.


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This is not true love.

Most of the couples around the world possess some kind of chemistry between themselves; however, this is not true love.

Love is the mixture of emotions that people develop for each other because of the mutual dependencies, or because of somebody’s use to someone.


Tantra is something that we need to develop and cherish every day.

When we are talking about the chemistry between the partners, it is just the mixture of emotions where one partner is merely serving the other in a relationship that brings satisfaction mostly to the body and some emotional dependencies. However, Tantra is something that we need to develop and cherish every day.

Tantra goes far beyond the demands of the regular love and its demand for mere maintenance of the relationship and intercourse, since Tantra demands the creation of erotism which ultimately leads to better control of one’s sexual drives through that kind of tantric love.




Tantra is like a garden

Tantra is like a garden.  Both the garden and Tantra have to be taken care of; they both need a lot of effort to be beautiful and attractive in all aspects.

In regular relationships which are based on regular sex which is managed by unconscious sexual drives, sex becomes something that is worse with each sexual experience.


This event can most easily be observed after the first year of having all possible sexual intercourse together with the same partner.


In tantric sex, this experience becomes far better

In tantric sex, sex becomes far better as the couple becomes more comfortable with each other. The partners in tantric sex are learning more about each other, they are becoming aware of the partner’s needs, desires and preferences, and this leads to a stronger connection between the partners.


In order to achieve and experience a tantric orgasm, a person has to first develop self-consciousness.

A person has to develop spiritual consciousness in order to understand what is beyond him and his mere existence.

This understanding is beyond our mere physical relationship. When they do so, people are ready to start to understand and to learn the structure of Tantra.


What is Tantric bliss secret

A person may ask himself what the secret of Tantric bliss, and why tantric relationships are so successful, full of love and pleasure?

The answers to these intriguing questions will be given in the following posts.

However, one thing can be said, a person needs to have will to learn information about tantric lifestyle which will enable men to start to develop new consciousness:


  • Sensuality
  • Vitality
  • Peace in every aspect of their being.

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