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The man who couldn’t see his penis because his belly


You see  them every day next to you in the street, they serve you in banks, supermarkets and if you are gay, there are some “BEAR bars” where it’s kind of trendy to be fat there (as for some people ironically, these men are seemed to be stronger than the thinner types, even that truth is the opposite).


Fat men are weaker and are losing a lot of points in bed.

It seems to many that male belly is caused of drinking too much bear, eating fast food and sweet drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta and others), another will see it a cause of genetic, back issues or lack of physical movement.


Before we explain what is the real cause to ugly male belly, it’s important you will learn something about CHAKRAS

What my chakras do?

A woman performing a Swadhistana chakra meditation. 3D rendered illustration.

chakras in simple words refer to the 7 antennas that are transmitting messages to the outer and receiving signals from the outer to your inner experience.


There are 7 main parts in your body and you must consider them

Each Chakra derived from an endocrine point; (The endocrine system dominates the hormones production: Testosterone, insulin, Adrenalin, melanin ext), all of them together influence your physical appearance and your mood.

If one antenna (CHAKRA) will not receive or transmit the correct signals, some issues will arise in the physical body on the zone the chakra dominates. Thus, gradually the first damage will not late to arrive in your body but not before attack your emotional system; Feeling something bad about the what this Chakra works with.


For example an issues with your Throat chakra has to see with the thyroid (endocrine point), but before harming any throat area; neck/ tongue, gums, you will feel bad emotions about NOT ABLE TO EXPRESS YOURSELF AUTHENTICALLY)



First chakra activates prostate!

The first chakra – also called “Basic/Root Chakra” dominates your relationship with earth; your legs and genitals.

When there are issues in this first chakra the person could suffer from several malicious phenomenon such as:


  • Prostate issues (until cancer)
  • Sore knees
  • Difficulty walking
  • Impotency and low libido

Your second chakra derived from your Pancreas

chakras meditation tantra

The pancreas is well-known among  diabetic people who aware to it because of the difficulty of the body to dissolve the sugar level that arrives from food. The pancreas is the source to the second chakra, this 2nd antenna communicates the voice of the inner child!

The second chakra is called THE SEXUAL CHAKRA

Why the second chakra is sexual and not the first where genitals are?

It’s simple. The basic chakra dominates the genitals because nature needs to confirm that we will survive by having children, this is only reproduction motives, and by our strong legs will run fast to save our life from bad animal either achieving food to ourselves and family.

Second chakra is sexual ruler


We are enjoying eating, connecting eating to sex as romantic rituals, we have best creative ideas from our belly area, when we are in love we say “Butterflies in my stomach”

Issues with the sexual chakra affect severe problems in your life starting in your body:

  • Diabetes
  • Low-back pain
  • Lombardo
  • Fatten – accumulation of fat around your waist



The pancreas produces insulin, insulin is an hormone that built to balance the sugar level in the body.

Now, let’s ask and answer:

  • Who does like to eat more sugar stuff?


  • Of course, children!


  • When do we have more sugar craving?
    When we are depressed and bored.


  • Who has healthier system a child or adult?
    Children are healthier even they are eating tons of sugar. It’s doesn’t disturb the beneficial production of the pancreas. We see how children enjoy high energy, they laugh much more than adults and more eager to learn and discover life.When an adult consume sugar because depressed situation, anger, bored work/ routine and more than others he is consuming more sugar because of LACK OF SEX




Children don’t have sexual life – they enjoy from another part from life. when an adult consumes sugar to enjoy and get fat his libido start failing and his body pleasure is diminished from sexual contact.

The orgasms level (not ejaculation) of fat men are lower than of thinner bodies that has normal body with good muscle tensity.


A healthy second chakra, gives you health, laughter, happiness, flexibility, body younger, more satisfying sex

By correcting the second chakra you’ll notice how your energy level up and have more crave to love, to study growing.

You may assume that people with belly will not have all that, but also sometimes, although not listed grade belly, the person suffers from bad aches around his stomach, lower back pains, that ought to do with their fears to enjoy and take risks to grow (going forward in life).



How to lose weight without diet?

It is not your fault that you like to eat, it’s not your fault that all diets and disciplines you wear, you do not see a big change in your body.

The body is only the result of something deeper that is happening and is dominating the phenomenon you see inside the mirror.



Do you want to lose the belly?

To remove the belly, you have to work internally with the root causes. The sexual chakra (pancreas) understands the following values in its antenna:

  • Enjoy from new situations
  • Curiositybarriga-cervecera-1
  • Trust
  • Self confident
  • Passion
  • Emotional stability
  • High self-esteem
  • Feel safe to risk
  • Feel safe to express my ideas
  • Being creative



If some of these values doesn’t work well with your current state of life, you should work with a therapist to make them to work balanced for you.

For example, to work on your issues to enjoy more based on the fact that you are workaholic and feel you miss life, or on the fact that you are married homosexual and can’t express liberally your passions to love and being loved.


Just by transforming your values about joy and others as mentioned above, will improve your body appearance, you will feel less craving for fatty food and could enjoy from higher orgasmic experiencing with the people you want/ love to get intimidated, however, it would be better for you to apply the concept of tantra as it could enhance better your sexual energy without wasting it on masturbation or other sexual addictions.

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