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Anal Fissure – How to solve when practicing anal-sex?

Anal fissure is one of the most traumatic pains that a man could experience!

Homosexual people use anus also for fun, but the “bottom man” is who is the responsible to either protect and save his anus from anal-fissure!

Are you using lubricant?


Don’t be shy to guide your “top” partner! He may be ignorant about how to treat an anus which is very different from Vagina. 

Anal fissure among gay could caused by of several common reasons:

  1. Aggressive sex – Don’t try to imitate the hottest porn movie, they will never show you how to prepare the anus to hardcore session.
  2. Using spit instead of good lubricant– it’s better to use silicone based first, even before you come out from home, during the sex session you could use also water based. But always keep it lubricated!
  3. Lack of experience – too submissive bottom – When you don’t know to be dominant bottom you may lose by suffering from various anal issues more just the anal fissure. You must to realize that anal sex is something you need to be prepared to, to do it with consciousness and not under alcohol or drugs.
  4. Curious straights / bisexual action –  Anus is not a vagina! There are bottom men that are very good to seduce “curious married men”/ straight/ bisexual to bed, which are not very friendly with the male anus. From their side it’s just to put a condom and to go in.  When the top man doesn’t help the bottom to relax and to expand his anus before penetration a big damage and pain during and after sex could destroy you.


Anal fissure may last few months

It may KILL your sexual-life if you are a bottom man.

Not only anal sex will cause anal-fissure, also your nutrition!


  1. Alcohol- is drying your body, and risk your anus health when you practice sex outdoors or in dark-rooms.
  2. At least 2 liters of fresh water – Water is all what you need to keep your skin hydrated, you should keep your anus wet/ lubricated and clean!
  3. Junk-food – Oily food and hamburgers are very bad to relaxation of your intestine, what provokes narrow anus during anal sex.

There are a longer list than that you could learn in anal tantric course between men. 

One man shared:

I thought as a gay bottom, pain after butt sex is just normal. However, this kind of “pain” is “sharp” pain and it only happens during anal sex and during/after bowel movement.

After 4 years, I finally visited a doctor. My partner said he could see something hanging out so I thought it was hemorrhoid but it is actually Anal Fissure (hopefully the doctor is right!).

Anyway, long story short, my fissure problem seems a lot “mild” than some of you here. It was only really bad last year for about month and I started using sitz bath and the pain gradually went away after 2 months and I started enjoying Anal Sex again.
Well, this Fissure came back 4 months ago!!! I was annoyed.

This time the pain is not as strong as last year but IT IS JUST THERE. I can now have good bowel movement without pain (I squeeze out very gentle..and fast, short squeeze lol). My only concern is DOES THIS EVER GO AWAY? I can feel SOMETHING is there. It’s not really pain.. it’s like a minor “sting” or very short “Itch” when I bend down or sit in certain position. I know the “tear” is still there.


I can feel it.

Again, I don’t think I am nearly as serious as some of you here. I’ve learned a lot of useful info and I am determined TO BEAT THIS. I’ve completely changed my diet habits. My poop is now soft and I’ve even begun to exercise. It is like a complete lifestyle change for me (for the better).
Does this ever go away? And why does it come back so easily? Do I really need to go through surgery to make my inner ring less tight?


You can heal the anal fissure

There are many products you could find in pharmacy to relax anal fissure pain, but most of them will not close the fissure only will let you extra breath when you go to toilet.

If it’s still bleeding you should be very cautious and to have a better product otherwise you will need a surgery.


All you need is!


Generic Name: nifedipine (nye FED i peen)
Brand Names: Adalat CC, Afeditab CR, Nifediac CC, Nifedical XL, Procardia, Procardia XL, Adalat


What is nifedipine?

Nifedipine is in a group of drugs called calcium channel blockers. It works by relaxing the muscles of your heart and blood vessels.

Nifedipine is used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) and angina (chest pain).

Nifedipine may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.


0.2% Nifedipine

The pharmacist should prepare it for you. There is only 0.2% Nifedipine inside any relaxive gel. You must keep it cold in fridge and to apply on the edge of your anus 3 times a day.

If you are bottom – from now and ever, keep your anus clean!

Wash your anus at least 3 times a day with cold water and face soap. your anus hygiene is your anus health and best sexual pleasure that your partner will enjoy even to eat with his mouth.

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