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80% of suicidal male-terrorists are homosexuals with crucial sexual conflict!


I love and adore these Muslim men that are confident enough to express what they thing and not what other would expect them to say or behave.

Are Islamic terrorists mostly homosexuals?

You may not believe me but a long the course of 15 years working with men, I’ve been privileged working with most of aggressive men society will define them “dangerous” – they found me “by chance” in order to treat a specific body pain – and luckily then have found themselves entering to the core of my work – enlightening their hidden sexual sides and soul voice.

Most men I met have used me to purify the negativity that filled them, releasing blockages, but the vast majority that haven’t arrive to a place to ask for help already have exploded themselves or slightly self-abused themselves through drugs, crimes and others.


What led to “Tantra & Kabbalah method” to be such powerful therapy for men?

Being teacher and body-mind therapist focusing in sexuality is the key.
Speaking about freedom and liberty, guiding men to express the voice of pain and to be brave to connect to what they want.
The development of the method lasted 7 years during this course I was traveling around the world opening my tantric sessions in many ways, so after some hundreds of hours with all kind of men I wrote my conclusions which became to the fundamental basis to my method.


To my view, the so called “Islam Hate” which is manifested by cruel terrorism against the rest of the world who are not accepting Muhammad to be a prophet (Not far different from what used to be the new Christianity until the last 500 years ago), most of Muslim countries are obliging residents to be religious (women must hide their face after marriage to not seducing men), men can’t have sexual intercourse with girls before married and homosexuality is a thing that has no place to live on earth.

 99% of my patients are “straight/bisexual men”

Most of clients are not gays (even they know they have attraction to men – they prefer not to be connected to anything gay or that reminds the pink-lifestyle).
I would consider my crowd to be “Alpha-male”- no one would believe they love men in their fantasies).


Between my patients I had Famous influences either from Arab Countries, Christians and Jews.

They all (without exception) have shared with me regards the homosexual “obstacle/ black spot” in their life.
They hold tears sharing about an attraction men and the craving, wet-dreams to get intimated with a man.
The pain they are living due to strict religious environment generates a bigger hole in their soul (they don’t/ can’t do what free person want).


“I LOST MY HEART – I CAN’T LISTEN TO IT – MY HEART SHOULD BE WRONG”  said Palestine police guy 33 years old.


They obliged to lie and forget the heart

In order to valid and strong – they must to lie- to be whatever but themselves , It’s so hard to be the perfect husband/ manager/ leader/rabbi … but finally the “self-hate” will be what leads to cruelty.

When you bad to yourself – you must express this negativity to other.

I’m lucky person to be able to help to these men that by chance have arrived to my sacred space asking for help – reducing pain or stress.  Some of theme are keep on writing down to me, appreciating the inspiration and energy I gave them in order to leave the bad environment finding a better life.
Unfortunately I can’t save the world – I’ve helped to very few to create a major change – but the most important part of it – I’ve had the chance to learn very important facts about homosexuality which most LGBT organization has no clue.
“I gave them the needed attention they needed but above it I built trust relationships with them- what supported them to get opened expressing their authentic voice, thus to be able to re-channel their sexual energy feeling alive again.. “
Most of these radical religious men (including ISIS)  The vast majority of them are homosexual – they choose god instead of confronting with sexuality, thus they free from getting marry showing to society a “superior target” to be “good man” .


Repressed sexual-life  is the major root to any violence/ aggressive behavior.
Heal the world – Heal Sexuality!
Forget the religious emptiness and develop a richness spiritual – Esoteric knowledge (Kabbalah, Astrology are good start).

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