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Best 5 ways of penis masturbation

Best way to masturbate is a combined answer to make.

Here are the main masturbation tips :


  1. If you are into tantra (conscious-sexuality) you should reduce porn gradually until avoiding it for a period of time to be able focusing on your body sensations and not on the brain which is the screen effect.**************
  2. Get engage with your hottest fantasies; a lot of men will limiting their fantasy when masturbating to known / experienced themes and will duplicate it more and more … try to go far than what you saw already – and let your brain to generate a new movie.************
  3. If you can’t see yourself able to enjoy masturbation without porn – Use your imagination to google a new themes (avoid porn movies from best porn-film production) and go more to amateur-porn (even with hidden camera) to engage with real sexual energy that real people produced for you.**********
  4. Use always lubricant – water based is based for masturbation.**********
  5. Physically (technically) – If you are circumcised – focus on the FRENULUM and the corona of gland.********
  6. If you are uncircumcised – you better to push the fore-skin down and to train your sensitivity of the gland to be touched softly (after a while you will be ready to masturbate it more tightly).****
  7. Most men will find their own way to masturbate around teenage time and will be stick to the one way of technique which led them to first time ejaculation.
    A man that uses awareness about sexual matters (or is into tantra) could develop himself a new versions of masturbation until find the key to control the ejaculation, alternatively, if a man is open-minded enough he will learn new masturbation techniques through new experience by mutual masturbation with another man – the other hand that will touch his penis will reveal new way of how to do it better providing pleasure to his penis from now on.

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