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Tantric Masturbation how to be patient and not to ejaculate?

In tantra you are asked to learn flexibility like in Yoga developing nervousness tolerance is must.

With Tantra you  may  learn to reduce your ejaculations in order to increase pleasure and orgasms!

Ask yourself:

  • What time of the day do you feel more horny?
  • What do you prefer: boyfriend for lifetime or hookups with strangers?
  • How many times do you ejaculate in sex ?
  • On a scale from 1 to 10; How noisy you are experiencing an orgasm?

Your life has began because of sex and passion and will end when your sexuality stops.

I wish you to be sexy and horny most of your life – that promise in most cases very good health.

Unfortunately in some cultures were who have been decided to dismiss sex concept to something more of 2 people (after marriage) They have been published that sexuality is dirty, bad and horrible.

The sex repression is influencing millions of people who are living in not fulfilled relationship  suffering by the years from illnesses and heaviness.

How come that there are straight married men desiring to touch a penis of other man finally bottoming (penetrating his ass)?

Bare in mind that homosexuality is more natural than current society believe, and if you limiting yourself this level of excitement / curiosity you are totally shoring your fire element in life finishing old and weak earlier than normal.


Most dangerous epidemic, called LONELINESS!


What about trying “Anal Tantric Sex Knowledge”?

Take advantage of 6 hours by the course of tantric sex for men presented by Osher:

“After a few videos this starts to give a very comfy feeling when you watch his videos, as if you were there in person with Osher listening to an old friend. Osher’s accent is thick, but completely understandable throughout all the videos. It makes listening to him even more endearing in my opinion than it would have otherwise watching the videos. He is truly passionate about his personal interests including Tantra, homosexual relations with other gay men, and obtaining a higher level of understanding and awareness in your sexuality”

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