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How to become passionate?

I used to be a passionate scholar, go to the gym everyday, and be hopeful of the future. However in the past two months I have undergone and overcome panic attacks, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, poor appetite, and feel I have lost that part of myself.

Can it come back?

How can I recover my old self?

Passion is a sense of fire – must coming with vibes of love.

Ask yourself:

  1. What are the things I most like?
  2. What is interesting me?
  3. What’s attracts me?

It seems to be simple question to read – but not very much to answer.
Working for years with people makes these mentioned questions to be the most critical before a change occurs.

My method is called Tantra & Kabbalah, it’s for years already showing that passion has to be related with your authentic nature – but because there is not “nature” without sexual instincts.


Would you consider yourself sexual person (high / good libido) – I mean, craving having an intimacy with someone…. – indeed It’s known that under depression symptoms sexuality / libido become very poor and mostly channeled through masturbation – another source to depression – since masturbation is reducing your real need and motivation (passion) to meet other people.

Hunting if you single – is one – craving your partner in opposite case it may not even easier.

What do I really want?

Once you have it cleared answered you should act – action has to see with adrenaline participation – you should get excited – it’s must be risky a bit – and yes, risky actions are generating more adrenaline production – and you feel more vital.

I also recommend you to inspect the next link – it will clear some ideas.

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