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Religion VS homosexuality | What justifies it?

“I’m not religious  but spiritual”

Yes, I’m not – and much happier being so- you can call me atheist – indeed very spiritual, I prefer to investigate in understanding what are laws of nature myself – I don’t need neither Torah, Quran or bible in order to know what how to be good person, how to behave with animals ext..


My big disappointment from any of these big remained religious are the sexual depression they provoked to humanity – in order to encourage men to get marry and maintain the tribe to survive.

In result homosexuality according to these religious homosexuality is Sodomic against the god will, inferior and disgusting… funny isn’t it?



This kind of manipulation, for me is totally against god!
For me “god” is not a specific entity – but the entire nature as we can manifest through astronomy, astrology and sacred-geometry)… Part of our divine part is sexuality -to feel passion, compassion and love to another person- no matter what sex side is…

We know that homosexuality was rejected by jews, later by christians, and of course by Quran.

Jews have started with it – in order to separate themselves from other cultures; they saw homosexuality all over -from  ancient Egyptian time of pharaoh, The Greek empire that put the divine male body to the front, and from the roman that kept organically the Greek behavior…

Christianity born from Judaism

Christianity born from Judaism (Jesus born and died jew), he neither changed the homosexual prohibition to be ok, than of course the Quran also copied many laws that were written already- 2000 years before him.

Prophecy, laws and leadership were the needed ingredient in the world of imperialism, minorities, tribes that need to fight one against other, finding a peaceful territory in the Savana of the middle east.

Religious vs Empire – Is Religious pro freedom?* Moises against the Egyptian empire (Pharaoh)

* Jesus again the Roman empire
* Muhammad against the Jahiliyyah in a world that non educated part of the world where pagan merchant on the east and a new christian-roman empire on the west

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