Tantric Massage; Sexual-Conscious for Men

$ 160.00

Booking Tantric- Massage Session

Paying in advanced to your session ($15 discount)


Tantric Massage by Osher's method

Tantric therapy has to see with 1 hour of tantric massage and 1 hour of mental preparation

"Tantra and Kabbalah Method" offers you a “self-laboratory” which's enabling you to transcend, examine, and to change what have been blocked you for many years.

All sort of blockages can be healed as magic if you focus on your sexual -healing and any history that's related to sex.

This is one of the most influential-therapy for men - and even more to these men who are consider to be straight, very masculine, stubborn and with strong-ego that have been broken lastly .


2 hours which are divided according the following structure:

  • 1st hour – Mental preparation (made also online) based on coaching and metaphysical tools to awaken your sleepy wills and to release the tension/confusion.

  • 2nd hour – Tantric massage practice –Experiencing your body through erotic, stimulating techniques made when you are naked following your instructor words and breathes. (Learn more)


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