“SEX-ADDICT BEHAVIOUR” Stop Addict therapy OnAir

Rescue any sexual addiction or compulsive behaviour which are derived from light or severe depression disorder or high level of mental stress.

$ 85.00

Rescue any sexual addiction or compulsive behaviour which are derived from light or severe depression disorder or high level of mental stress.


Masturbation and Penetration are 2 different scenarios to penis life.

Most of men who are coming to my sessions are married or living in stable relationship

The question is:

Is marriage / stable relationship a libido killer?
But i love her/ him very much", they said. and my answer is: "LOVE AND SEX ARE 2 DIFFERENT THINGS" 


When man is ignoring his self-development process through the various aspect of his life he delays the ״homework״ to a time that it won't be possible to manage alone. It's even dangerous to do, due to a gap between body and mind that goes growing until splitting the man, in other words, disconnecting himself from communicating effectively with the penis. 



As a man who's thinking  most of time about sex.
Notice what are the typical scenes you are drawing in your mind?? (what's the gap between what you have approach now?)

As coach who's specialist  to male sexology, my approach is to take care of what doctors would ignore sending men with erectile dysfunctionality to medication such as viagra.

Common Causes To 99% of Erectile Dysfunctionality: 

  1. Anti-depressant medication
  2. Diabetes, los blood pleasure (see root holistic causes to Diabetes)
  3. Low attraction to partner
  4. Low self-esteem
  5. Lack of stimulation (boredom)
  6. Bisexual married cases: Dominant woman / woman that with low-libido / awakening of the homosexual side
  7. Homosexual married to men cases:  Same role in bed / loosing  mental or emotional interest in partner

There's no magic solution to help in erectile dysfunctionality symptom but viagra, even nothing really will be solved when the core is "wet"..

It's heartily recommended that you speak to a sexologist who understands the depth of human mind and better also the holistic aspect of it.

Most of sexual issues have been created by words (someone that told you what good or bad, or manipulated your free ideas). If the cause is words, the healing must be words too.

Anti-depressant medication (SSR) are erectile killers.. no matter your age, it will block the sexual desire and stimulation, the situation may be worst when more than depression, anxiety medication a man is facing diabetes or blood pressure issues. (the mentioned additional issues to first group of medication is also a sign that a person has neglected a very deep matters with his psychic aspects, which is very recommended any how to provide yourself than nothing).


  • 5 session / $199 * 2 months recurring payment

  • 10 session / $175 * 4 months recurring payment

Any addiction is a result of brain condition to provide something that missed emotionally

Discover the thing you are looking for inside yourself

Men tend to think that penis is under their domination

Unfortunately, like children, men will get surprised every time the penis won't react when they want and ״ready״. 

Thank you Osher, yes it was interesting to me too, having the chance to exchanging my thoughts and so many doubts i'm facing now. Thanks to you, finishing the session #1 I understand how I need to go further through your guid to reach a deeper level of myself, hopefully revealing the source to my negative feelings.In order to enter safely under the water surface, i surely need someone capable of interpreting all of those things I have in mind, that are taking effect on my sexuality specifically on my partner. I need your help and understand I couldn't do it myself alone. Finding you was an inspiring for me but after the first session, i'm it seems to me that you could be the one to save me ....so yes, i definitely want to go forward!
Carlos, San Diego
A.D 46 years old
Restaurant Manager