Tantra bringing us a new approach to gain greater self balance, more stability, but also to increase our charisma and passion.

The more you are connected with both your instincts, desires and passion the more pleasure and joy you receive and more people to see you as magnet.

Most men are rejecting softness, thus the only softness they accept is by having soft / feminine partner.

Unfortunately sensitive men can’t get easily a balance neither  compensation by intimacy with any woman because they are soft themselves, thus they will be attracted to masculine females (strong woman), sometimes transsexuals, or simply to another masculine man.

It’s too complex to put it that way..  Finally, tantric session with me (if you compatible to my energy)  will help you to understand it in simple way, also to feel GREAT and balanced!!

Before we get to your tantric massage we need to have a very interesting conversation where you can get such insights that will provide you more mental rest and calm to connect even our bodies as next step to explore.

Tantric session; “Therapy” or “Experience”?

Both !

You must to fill the application form to make sure we ready for such journey that may blow your mind 🙂