Tantric Massage isn’t substitute to classic erotic massage, and if some ×´people” are offering it, don’t believe they know what they do more than just turn you until get off.

A session less than 2 hours seems to be worthless. “If you stop your hunger eating chocolate instead of real meal you will feel worse soon after)

Before the tantric massage (2nd hour of session) I pass you through a mental preparation in order to detect either to strengthen your weaknesses which are blocking your sexual energy.

During the tantric  massage (2nd hour), you find yourself lied down naked following  my guidance  to breathe profoundly (Re-birthing therapy effect), until you feel sort of electricity flow to your fingers edges and your penis also is moving beyond to the regular sensation to when it usually in erection or mild stimulation.

Is it “Therapy” or “Experience”?

Both !

Before I tell you what complete process is all about I would like to state couple things:

1. Connecting / healing sexuality is like saying connecting with your inner-child/ your nature

2. “Spirituality” a term of spirituality I support is refers to metaphysical side combined with astrology.