Tantric Massage Therapy For Men

Los-Angeles, California USA

Tantric work with Osher 1 on 1

Male – Sexual- Development

Osher is inviting you to a magnificent process to heal, investigate, grow and liberate your self through working with the sexual side of your life. 

This is a time to focus on yourself and to get the answers to all what hold you back from realizing yourself.

The 10 weekly session are coming to help you create a new love and harmonic relationship with yourself before any dependency you may face with another person.

In order to get into a REAL TANTRIC EXPERIENCE, you must to have a courage to go deep to your “advanced settings” inspecting, transforming almost any part of your life.

As have said, the 10 weekly session are going to enable you to get naked from your old-mask you have installed on yourself as strategy to feel “ok”. 

Here are the main topics to work with: 

*1. Your self-image

*2. Your money issues, belongings attitude

*3. Talents, Communication ability to express your inner world.

*4. Family, Mother/ Father roles and their influences on you.

*5. Friends, Proud, and Ego

*6. Health and your daily routine. 

*7. Relationship and intimacy – what you become when partnered. 

*8. Sex and Spirit; Your sexual instincts and your deepest powers that are waiting to eruption. 

*9. Astrology, your natal chart analysis, adapting even wider perspective to your life-theme.

*10. Career, commitments, and responsibilities, the karma you are carrying.

*11. Genius talents, Discovering your weird side and how to impact the public.

*12. Love, Getting old, your dreams. 


You are reading here, means you are willing to get into deeper sexuality, meaning in life and to realize yourself being body-mind-spirit working as one. 

What you consider your sexuality today is result only of all what is happening inside your brain and heart, and how damaging or cold where your relationships in family during your childhood.

When 4 out of 12 aspects (the topics have stated above) aren’t in harmony, your sexual life will display to you as depressing facet to solve. 

All start in your brain, and for this you must to trust a process, facing 1 by 1 of them until you have nothing to ignore or escape from. 


Then, coming to Tantric Massage session has the REAL IMPORTANT BENEFITS. 

Coming to tantric-massage (2 hours tantric meeting) after completing the 10 weekly session process, is not in addition to use as reference to your new state, it comes to activate the new capacity of what you have achieved through the sessions we have managed along the prior weeks. You’re are ready to train yourself in Tantric-orgasms and to start attracting the person of your life.


“Tantra and Kabbalah Method” offers you a private laboratory which’s enabling you to transcend, examine, either to change what have been blocked you so far even without noticing.

“Tantra & Kabbalah method” is a healing tool, liberating for you the heaviest blockages, which are manifested in your sexuality .. The session number has 2 hours content (including a body-work part) and it’s equivalent according to what people say to: