Terms & Conditions


Updated to May 2018

Service provider: Osher Elias is coach, therapist and teacher to self awareness, offering various products which are transferring online or has a presencial requirement. All products* has an aim to grow, relax, understand, to generate changes in life through transforming the perspective about themselves.

Products: Courses online, Mentoring, Books, Teaching, Coaching, Body-Mind therapies.

Session: Meetings with Osher both online either face to face are offering a “space” called “session”, every session has a different duration that is indicated on each product.

Process: Serious of sessions with subscription*

Live Session: Only sessions through Skype*/ other applications which are providing video-conference.

Costs & Payments: Both products and sessions have different prices with are a function to duration, add-value, investment, or special needs that agreed through email with each client.

Pre-payment is required before any service / product receives using  e-commerce various gateways such as PayPal and Ccbill or Bitcoin. 

Users / members/ subscribers : various roles to access information in website, some are free, others by paid fee.

Clients: who are starting a session are legitimated to be called clients/ patients/ students.

Legacy: All information, knowledge, shares that during the live sessions must keep discretely between Osher and client.

Skype: “Software of video-Conference” (https://skype.com) 99% of the online live coaching sessions will be managed through Skype Media (includes the “Skype App” can be download from the next link: https://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-android).

Official entity: Refer to police, lawyer, court, military, government.

Residency: The origin-country of the client and the Service provider

Subscription: Automatic/ manual renewal of the payment that has been registered and agreed at first time.


    1. “Live Session” as default will last 60 minutes, the client must to commit to this time-frame. from another hand, when choosing a specific live session that has 90mins or 120mins it will be indicated in the product description.
    2. Payments must to be made prior to receiving the service, most electronic payment solutions (called e-commerce) are valid and are limited to only the gateways the platform of the service provider shows to the client (“Bitcoin is legitimate payment).
    3. The currency for payment is varying between $US, € Euro and Bitcoin.
    4. If payment is done by cash or wire-transferring , currency rate will be calculated according to the official-index of google “google converter”: https://www.google.com/finance/converter.   Expect of bitcoin which its currency updates live.
    5. When payment made through E-commerce gateways the currency rate is converted by the company the client chose to pay.
    6. Products with “subscriptions” could be cancelled manually and may admit proportional refund* in condition that the client has notified 7 days prior to next scheduled-session by email to: [email protected] the server provider (Osher) about his wish to finish/cut the process.
    7. Refund is related as available for only the coming sessions has not consumed and that are far than 7 days from the day the client notified / or manually cancelled the subscription.
    8. Claims: In case of client/company decides claiming Osher- all judgmental process will occur in Tel Aviv, Israel, which is the tax-administration-country of Moshe (Osher) Elias.


Media: User must respect and to be responsible to all sort of medias/ softwares he may use;  This is In order to protect his personal privacy, for example switching off telephones, microphones that may record his information either any material that can be transferred to 3rd party such as pop-ups, cookies, recording calls, non safe password ext.
However, if client use a public device (for example from “internet cafe” or foreign Skype account- the client is obliged to delete “history” files to keep his information private.

3rd parties privacy:  Osher is managing members, subscribers and customers database on website (https://tantra2men.com) and with known secured applications, for example: Facebook, Mail-chimp ext, all are under high security standards (TLS2.0, SSL) under 3rd party plugins to enable data transferring in best velocity and information management.

Exceptions; In case that crime, judgemental, hacking, fraud have occurred  and Osher is obliged by official entity such as police, government, public institution to provide the entire information about the client. Osho will announce the client about the  such a demand to reply the 3rd party . if client didn’t answer/reply through one of both email/ telephone up to 24 hours Osher could provide the entire information he has as is.

Payment with Ccbill: Ccbill is merchant that is managing secure credit card charges according to American & European banking restrictions. By choosing Ccbill to checkout gateway you may decide to complete your payment as ״guest״ or to ”subscribe for quicker checkout next time using Ccbill gateway.

Ccbill is can serve for secure and banking management the customer information to authentification as legalization motives.

PROHIBITION: It is totally prohibited to share, sell copy, print any  of Osher’s online products or information such as books or posts – all products that are done or purchased online should remain on the screen and for private use only.

Adress in Spain:
Rua Arzua 8 La Coruña

Adress in Israel: 
הסמדר 5 ראשון לציון